Reasons for therapy

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Whether you are a person seeking self-exploration, personal growth and development or if you’re experiencing emotional pain or mental health challenges you may be wondering whether psychological counselling is the right option for you. Just like many other people in Australia, you may be hesitant about visiting a professional psychotherapist.

What are the main reasons for choosing psychotherapy counselling in Australia? Let’s look at a few.


Health Statistics suggest that one in five people in the country deals with a mental health issue. Wellbeing isn’t just about a healthy body; it’s also heavily dependent on a healthy mind.

It’s a good idea to find a psychotherapist if you’re dealing with any of the following:

  • Anxiety and depression
  • Intense grief or loss
  • Insomnia, intense worries and negative emotions that are keeping you from falling asleep
  • A relationship that’s abusive or unfulfilling
  • Feeling as if you’re stuck in the same place unable to move forward
  • Addiction or compulsive behaviours
  • A desire for personal growth and change


Unresolved issues from childhood and youth can have a profound effect on adults later in life. Others deal with the consequences of mental health issues that arise from relationships, losses and traumatic events. Whatever the issue is, psychotherapy and counselling can help you understandyour experiences, heal your emotions, change your thinking patterns and identify healthy coping strategies.

Working with an experienced professional will shed some light on past events, the impact the past has on the present and the prospect of enjoying the future.

If you want a change, growth or development, we want to help. Psychotherapy counselling in Australia helps patients like you to enrich their lives so they aren’t just living, they’re thriving. Our professional therapists guide clients on their journeys toward mental fitness. They encourage sharing and self-reflection in a safe, non-judgmental environment and use communication to guide patients as they meet their mental health, relational and life goals.

The Counselling Clinic specialises in various kinds of therapy, from personal development and growth through to relationship guidance managing substance use disorders, trauma or mental health.

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The Counselling Clinic was conceived to make in-depth counselling and psychotherapy services benefits known and easily accessible and available to the broader community.

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